S4C Has Begun!

The Super-Short Summer Serial Challenge has begun! Below is the official list of 2009 S4C participants, complete with information on where you can read each participant’s story. Enjoy!

Eden Bainter (http://edenfromsweden.blogspot.com)

Grandma Graffiti

After a violent attack, an old woman plummets into the world of vandalism.

Mariah Blackhorse (http://home.comcast.net/~jimfpeterson/Mariah.html)

What happens when you update a classic work of Hemingway to move it forward in time? Did you even understand the original story he wrote? Follow the man and the girl through the hills like white elephants in this updated retelling of the masterful old work. (Aren’t all the great storylines rewritten over and over through the years?)

Kerri Buckley (http://goldenwordsmith.com)


Dynamics of relationships between writers and the effect this career choice has on intimate relationships of all kinds. Story focuses on one couple, Eliza and Jim, their life, work, friends, families, dreams, use of language, limitations, and gifts and problems these things give or create for both of them.

Helen Dring (http://helendring.wordpress.com)

My story will focus on five families holidaying at the same time at the Grand Hotel, and how they are connected to each other.

Rae Gande (http://addresseverywhere.wordpress.com)

Luce and Gabe’s unique bond is tested as Luce contemplates ending his life. He accuses Gabe of hiding a lifetime of secrets beneath his trench coat, but Gabe resists unbuckling his past even as Luce slips further into the nothingness he longs for.

Natalie Healey (http://www.myspace.com/auntnatty)

A comparison of differences and similarities between upper and middle class and lower class people.

Marie Hix (http://www.ryla.net)

Synopsis coming soon.

Cara Holman (http://caraholman.wordpress.com)

Just Write

A story within a story. In the main story, the heroine has just been diagnosed with cancer, and joins a writing group to help critique the novel she is working on. This turns out to be the story of a woman diagnosed with cancer.

Jason Huskey (http://sixgunsandsodapop.wordpress.com/the-blackout/)

The Blackout

“The Blackout” will revolve around an alcoholic blackout, possibly murder, conspiracy, kidnapping, and will likely have an overall point somewhere near the end. Possibly. Right now, it’s just a jumble of style and an ounce of substance inside my head.

Pamela Ivey (http://arcofjoan.wordpress.com)

Synopsis coming soon.

Dave Jarecki (http://davejarecki.com/blog)

Works of Art

No one can say for sure what’s brewing in WORKS OF ART, a series of shorts that take place in a seven-hour summer night window in and around a place called Pen.

Sarah Killinger (http://www.facebook.com/skillinger)

A snobbish woman has her sights set on a guy who rejects her by naming a long list of her faults. She resolves to spend the next few years correcting each personality flaw in hopes to finally present herself to him as a woman worthy of his love.

Vinnie Kinsella (http://vinniekinsella.wordpress.com)


One blind man’s loss of the woman he loves becomes the biggest eye-opening experience of his life—literally.

Eliza Lane (http://www.cherrybombastic.blogspot.com)

The Language of Crows

When Jim’s mother dies, he learns that he could not possibly be her biological son. But the circumstances of his conception and birth are not revealed until his middle-aged daughter, Raven, receives a mysterious letter from a woman in South Carolina claiming to be her grandmother.

Lani Jo Leigh (http://lanijo.com)

Jack is sitting in a bar on a sultry fall afternoon. Since he quit drinking months ago, Jack orders a coke and with little prompting, he begins telling the bartender about Ruby – the New Year’s Eve party where they met, the months of torrid sex, his drunken intemperateness, the eventual break-up.

Gwyn McVay (http://pilcrow.dreamwidth.org)

The Way of Bread

A fable about two forest birds who mistake everyday baking for magic, and spend days and nights spying on a cottage to try to work out the secret.

Judy Miller (http://theinternationalmom.wordpress.com/)

Synopsis coming soon.

Anne Machonis (http://home.comcast.net/~jimfpeterson/Anne.html)

Synopsis coming soon.

Mary Jane Nordgen (http://www.tawkpress.blogspot.com)

Talkative Lois, “Auntie Lo” to generations of nieces and nephews, raised her four younger brothers when their parents were killed. Now the indomitable Lo needs to enter a care facility: a whole new set of characters and interactions while the Loquacious family dynamics continue to act out tragedy and comedy.

John O’Shea (http://viewfromtrees.blogspot.com)

My story will be a glimpse into the life of a tree climber’s crew, including Easy, a rough and tumble old-school spur-climbin’ man, and James, a thin and scholarly type who doesn’t wear spurs even on removals ” Because it’s torture, for me, the tree….”

Jim Peterson (http://home.comcast.net/~jimfpeterson/serial.html)

The story is about a brief encounter that I had with a married couple from Venus last summer. Their ship ran out of fuel, and I helped them out.

Leena Prasad (http://liquiddesires.blogspot.com/)

2 men, 2 women, 2 parties, pinch of love, spoonful of sex, mix it all together and watch how the ingredients mix to provide small doses of party pleasers.

Tina Riddle (http://paperwaster.wordpress.com)

Lucy would never have taken the position with the Arkness if she hadn’t been so desperate to avoid the sweaty handed Mr. Clapham. Once at their remote country home, Lucy realizes she is trapped with an evil child, a hostile staff and the past is beginning to repeat itself.

John Rochester (http://johnrayy.wordpress.com/)


Brent and Terra are newlyweds, and they are madly in love. Brent is fresh out of seminary and has just taken the reigns of his father’s church. Everything seems to be moving along perfectly for Brent and Terra,  when suddenly, Terra dies. Now, Brent is left with the unenviable task of trying to move on.

Solon Sutton (http://undead2rights.blogspot.com)

A chaotic tale of life after death… Well, sort of life… Well, death anyway. It’s a bit complicated but will all make sense in the end. Maybe. With zombies!

Kristin Thiel (http://www.kristinthiel.com)

Lifting the Eggs

With her pen poised along the fabulist fiction continuum, this author explores the intersecting stories of a young woman temporarily embodied by an infertility goddess and an old woman who is dying and addicted to stealing from mourners.

Kay Tracy (http://immersedinword.blogspot.com)

A Tumbler of Sea Glass

Nationals won’t wait for Julia to heal. Clashes with teammates, coach and parents affect her swimming and future goals. Aunt Georgia’s home by the ocean provides escape and a tumbler of sea glass. Can Julia smooth her own edges without becoming like everyone else?

Clint Williams (http://clintessentials.blogspot.com)

Novak’s Last Theory

Captain Novak and his crew die every day from a recurring disaster that they are unable to prevent. Can Novak ever unravel the mystery of their predicament?

Evan Williams (http://evanwilliams-tgm.blogspot.com)

Former CIA agent Harris Dueller now works as a private investigator. When hired to find a missing Professor of Ancient Studies, Harris discovers far more than he could ever have expected. Suddenly finding himself in a kaleidoscopic journey through madness, he must prove himself both sane and innocent of murder.


4 Responses to S4C Has Begun!

  1. Dave Jarecki says:

    Great start to this, Vinnie – I’m digging the opening flashes.


  2. Dave Jarecki says:

    Half-way through (almost…by date only, not by entries), and I’m coming to understand the power of the short form – it’s an intense exercise in editing, esp. when whittling down to 500 words or less and still trying to make sense. At the same time, the serial component to it all has taken the story in a direction I couldn’t have imagined.


  3. Appreciating the commitment you put into your blog and
    detailed information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.
    Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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